Selling my Baapstore Shop

Hi, this is Ragav Sharma, I am running my online e-commerce business for past 1.6 years. It is running successfully, but I want to sell it due to family emergency. It is going really healthy, just that my situation is not right.

My Store Stats

Daily Sales: 40 – 60 sales on an average. During seasons, it increases to 90-120 sales per day.
Monthly Revenue: Rs.6-8 lacs
Profit After Expense: 1-2 lacs

See my order Screenshot below:

I have active business accounts in following channels:
Google Adwords Account
Google Adsense Account
Facebook Business Page
Whatsapp Business Account
Instagram Acccount
Zoho Mail

Integrations Done:
Instamojo Payment Gateway
Google Analytics

I will give you access to all the branding, tools, emails, etc., We can also provide you the signed agreement.

Asking Price: Rs.84 lacs (11 times of my monthly revenue)

I have a good relationship with Baapstore team and can transfer my account smoothly.
We need to sign an agreement regarding the store and rights transfer.